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[/sddg/ - Stable Diffusion Development General, PyGUI edition]


- fully functional tkinter-based UI with two alternative themes

- negative prompts, AKA unprompts

- wide range of supported hardware, Intel CPU of 8th gen and up is ideal

- supports both Linux and Windows

- supports model choice, SD or WD

[Installation & Usage]

1. Install the OpenVINO repo normally, as per the CPU tard guide (

2. Download the modified rpyth files and replace and with them. Get from

3. Download RealESRGAN portable executable from and unzip it somewhere.

4. Activate your conda prompt or environment.

5. Run "pip install Pillow pyyaml sv-ttk".

6. Run "python"

7. Go to Settings -> Configure, link the upscaler RealESRGAN executable, link the file from the openvino repo, link the python executable you'll be using for running ("C:\ProgramData\Miniconda3\python.exe" in my case, or you can go with just "python" in the env), hit Save.

8. Run "python".

9. Open Queue -> Add Item and do the needful.

Enjoy! Feel free to report issues.

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nice kek

15/09/2022 15/09/2022 21:25:55#73

how to use waifu data?

16/09/2022 16/09/2022 20:54:41#74

#73 probably no way for now unless they compile a model for OpenVINO. There's another CPU-only fork somewhere. Do you need it?

17/09/2022 17/09/2022 03:13:38#75

I was able to follow the guide here

but now I'm getting this output

when running

I'm using an i5 haswell cpu on Windows 7.

17/09/2022 17/09/2022 05:10:47#76

To the person who asked about using the wafu diffusion model, someone converted it to open vino here:

You might need to change some files to use it, but it uses all the same files as the normal model.

17/09/2022 17/09/2022 08:36:52#77

#75 try "pip3 install numpy==1.23.3", looks like you have an incompatible version. The one I specified is the one I have installed and everything runs just fine.

If that won't help, try another numpy version (they can be listed using "pip3 install numpy=="), but in the miniconda3 shell. There might be incompatibility warnings as well, pay attention to those.

#76 I might make a switch in the files if the model works at all, I'll be testing it.


New version released over at with a loading bar! It's a minor change, but it makes proompting a bit more comfortable. And yes, I can update the OP as I wish, check it from time to time to see if an update has been released. The widget is very thin, so you might not notice it at first.

24/09/2022 24/09/2022 20:30:11#81

Where the fuck do I get data.yml

25/09/2022 25/09/2022 09:09:14#82

#77 hey not the same anon but I'm getting the same issue #75 is getting. I've tried installing different versions but nothing has thus worked.

25/09/2022 25/09/2022 16:27:23#83



Go to Settings -> Configure in the GUI

-Hit [?] to open file browser and and link the RealESRGAN executable by hitting 'open'

-Link the your file from the openvino folder the same way

-Add the path to your Python executable, it should be C:\ProgramData\Miniconda3\python.exe

-Hit save

That generates the data.yml.

#82 What's your python? Is it the one in vin? If so, then

[The path might not be just C:\ProgramData\Miniconda3\python.exe]

To figure out the proper python path, enter the following:


import sys


THAT is the python path. Before that all, run "conda activate vin".:

30/09/2022 30/09/2022 17:34:45#84

How do I prompt to get handsome Hitler AI images?

30/09/2022 30/09/2022 17:41:36#85

"C:/Users/********/Desktop/cpu ai/stable_diffusion.openvino/" --prompt "****** with a rose on her long black hair" --output "C:/Users/********/Desktop/***** ai.jpg" --num-inference-steps 42 --model bes-dev/stable-diffusion-v1-4-openvino --init-image C:/Users/********/Desktop/lagf/photo_2020-08-01_22-32-27.jpg

Exception in Tkinter callback

Traceback (most recent call last):

File "C:\Users\********\.conda\envs\vin\lib\tkinter\", line 1892, in __call__

return self.func(*args)

File "C:\Users\********\Desktop\cpu ai\stable_diffusion.openvino\", line 427, in view

self.image = self.image_pil.copy()

AttributeError: 'str' object has no attribute 'copy'

Is this a normal output before rendering?:

02/10/2022 02/10/2022 17:10:13#86

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08/10/2022 08/10/2022 20:16:30#87

nice try anon

08/10/2022 08/10/2022 20:21:45#88

> Is this a normal output before rendering?

I also have the same issue

10/10/2022 10/10/2022 23:20:33#89

>I also have the same issue


13/10/2022 13/10/2022 04:16:01#90

13/10/2022 13/10/2022 15:32:17#91

When I run this, this uses two of my four cpu cores. Is there a way to change the number of cores it uses?

16/10/2022 16/10/2022 14:44:17#92

#91 It uses an instruction set that can't be virtualised, therefore the limitation is the number of physical cores.

20/10/2022 20/10/2022 15:56:13#96

#91 #92 forcing all threads does seem to have a bit of an effect;

edit, add a new line under

self.core = Core()

and add this

self.core.set_property("CPU", {"INFERENCE_NUM_THREADS": 12})

replace 12 by your number of cores (physical+virtual)

on my 3600x i gain about 0.75s/it compared to the default 6 threads it uses.

Make sure the new line is indented the same way as the line above, it should be by 8 spaces.

21/10/2022 21/10/2022 21:23:44#100

#76 I am rather new to this program. Is there a way to select this particular model? Or do I just dump the files into the model directory and it will pull from whatever it can?

22/10/2022 22/10/2022 08:13:45#102

#100 There's an option for that in pygui now, whenever you use the script there's a model selector.

01/11/2022 01/11/2022 16:24:50#106

executing C:/Users/USER/Desktop/dot/stable_diffusion.openvino/realesrgan-ncnn-vulkan.exe -i "a-field-of-flowers.png" -o "a-field-of-flowersu.png" -n realesrgan-x4plus

[0 Intel(R) UHD Graphics 630] queueC=0[1] queueG=0[1] queueT=0[1]

[0 Intel(R) UHD Graphics 630] bugsbn1=0 bugbilz=0 bugcopc=0 bugihfa=0

[0 Intel(R) UHD Graphics 630] fp16-p/s/a=1/1/1 int8-p/s/a=1/1/1

[0 Intel(R) UHD Graphics 630] subgroup=32 basic=1 vote=1 ballot=1 shuffle=1

decode image a-field-of-flowers.png failed

Exception in Tkinter callback

Traceback (most recent call last):

File "C:\Users\USER\.conda\envs\vin\lib\tkinter\", line 1892, in __call__

return self.func(*args)

File "C:\Users\USER\.conda\envs\vin\lib\tkinter\", line 814, in callit


File "C:\Users\USER\Desktop\dot\stable_diffusion.openvino\", line 80, in manager


File "C:\Users\USER\Desktop\dot\stable_diffusion.openvino\", line 112, in check_queue


File "C:\Users\USER\Desktop\dot\stable_diffusion.openvino\", line 413, in check

self.image =

File "C:\Users\USER\.conda\envs\vin\lib\site-packages\PIL\", line 3131, in open

fp =, "rb")

FileNotFoundError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: 'a-field-of-flowersu.png'

I got that, where did i screwed up?

01/11/2022 01/11/2022 16:31:09#107


Where's your image output? Did you try opening it before upscaling was complete?

01/11/2022 01/11/2022 16:34:54#108


I tried to generate with and without an output folder/name, but I still get the same result.

Another thing to mention is this:

Traceback (most recent call last):

File "C:\Users\USER\Desktop\dot\stable_diffusion.openvino\", line 5, in

from stable_diffusion_engine import StableDiffusionEngine

File "C:\Users\USER\Desktop\dot\stable_diffusion.openvino\", line 4, in

from openvino.runtime import Core

ModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'openvino':

01/11/2022 01/11/2022 16:41:28#109


Bruh install openvino. Activate your conda environment, then "pip install openvino".

How'd you miss that?

01/11/2022 01/11/2022 16:48:06#110


Well, i did that but it installed Numpy?

(vin) C:\Users\USER\Desktop\dot\stable_diffusion.openvino>pip install openvino

Requirement already satisfied: openvino in c:\users\user\.conda\envs\vin\lib\site-packages (2022.1.0)

Collecting numpy<1.20,>=1.16.6

Using cached numpy-1.19.5-cp39-cp39-win_amd64.whl (13.3 MB)

Installing collected packages: numpy

Attempting uninstall: numpy

Found existing installation: numpy 1.23.4

Uninstalling numpy-1.23.4:

Successfully uninstalled numpy-1.23.4

Successfully installed numpy-1.19.5

And then when i tried again to generate something, this is the traceback:

Traceback (most recent call last):

File "C:\Users\USER\Desktop\dot\stable_diffusion.openvino\", line 5, in

from stable_diffusion_engine import StableDiffusionEngine

File "C:\Users\USER\Desktop\dot\stable_diffusion.openvino\", line 2, in

import numpy as np

ModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'numpy'

01/11/2022 01/11/2022 16:57:16#111

The adventure just begun! I'm the same guy who forgot to install openvino, i tried writing this to see what could happen:

(vin) C:\Users\USER\Desktop\dot\stable_diffusion.openvino>python --prompt "Street-art painting of Emilia Clarke in style of Banksy, photorealism"

And it just started downloading random shit:

Downloading: 100%|█████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████| 905/905 [00:00<00:00, 990kB/s]

Downloading: 100%|███████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████| 939k/939k [00:02<00:00, 394kB/s]

Downloading: 100%|███████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████| 512k/512k [00:01<00:00, 417kB/s]

Downloading: 100%|█████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████| 389/389 [00:00<00:00, 398kB/s]

Downloading: 100%|█████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████| 2.12M/2.12M [00:02<00:00, 815kB/s]

Downloading: 100%|███████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████| 464k/464k [00:00<00:00, 783kB/s]

Downloading: 100%|██████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████| 492M/492M [01:43<00:00, 4.74MB/s]

Downloading: 100%|████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████| 3.02M/3.02M [00:01<00:00, 2.54MB/s]

Downloading: 21%|█████████████▊ | 733M/3.44G [02:36<08:21, 5.39MB/s]

Wth is that 3.44G thing?! Should i be scared?

01/11/2022 01/11/2022 18:36:09#112

#111 that's the model, man, you'd think something that competes with human artists would be 11Mb or something?

02/11/2022 02/11/2022 14:18:32#113
static/Screenshot 2022-11-03 031809.png

Mine's just stuck on initializing, is that normal?

02/11/2022 02/11/2022 14:34:18#114

#113 Got it working with #83's advice.

04/11/2022 04/11/2022 04:15:31#117

What are the steps to convert custom model.ckpt files to openvino optimized files? I want to add dreambooth models and any other SD models I find.

04/11/2022 04/11/2022 07:57:38#118